Industry City

Manufacturing Summit: Breaking Down Barriers to Industrial 5G


Fri, 30 Sep: 10:00 - 11:00 PDT

Open to All


W1, Industry City Stage, WEST HALL


Session Description

Where to start when unlocking new possibilities of 5G networks? What is best to work through the myriad of potential applications and the security considerations required? What are the strategies to navigate technical enablers, and deployment options, like edge and cloud computing, or private and dedicated networks?


Still in the early adoption phase, industrial organisations are exploring the latest 5G offering of low-latency and high bandwidth wireless connectivity that is powering a digital transformation.


In order to deliver a successful transition through the 5G Era and utilise related technologies, the session will explore real-life use cases and valuable insights from industry leaders to discover the best ways of adopting 5G into industrial processes and models, their benefits, and challenges.

Session Speakers

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