Keynote 2: Transform, Innovate & Grow


Tue, Sep 26: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm PDT


Keynote Stage – W326, Level 3


Session Description

At a time when technological innovation and economic growth go together, Generative AI represents a major advancement in artificial intelligence that can transform both telecom businesses and operations. Its innovation relies on secure data, responsible practices, and reliable connectivity and so, building the right foundation is vital for enabling new applications. But only through access to networks and services at affordable prices that can deliver the speed, capacity and capabilities needed, can transformation be fully realized. And through cloud, hundreds of thousands of enterprises, MVNOs and users are today, being powered to transform, innovate, and grow.


11.30-11.35 Chair Welcome

John Guisti, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA


11:35-11:50 Realizing the Potential of Generative AI for Telcos

Adolfo Hernandez, VP Global Telco Industry, AWS

Generative AI represents a major advancement in artificial intelligence that can transform telecom businesses. In this keynote, Adolfo Hernandez, AWS VP Telecom IBU, will explore practical applications to revitalize telco operations. He will share insights from a new global telecom-specific market study, and discusses topics like foundation models, fine-tuning, and how to leverage private data while maintaining privacy and responsible AI practices. With real-world examples, he will demonstrate how telcos can use generative AI to optimize customer interactions, streamline network planning and operations, and offer ultra-personalized experiences. This session will provide valuable insights for telcos looking to harness the immense potential of this technology to drive improvements across multiple domains and favorably position themselves for the future


11:51-12:06 The imminent opportunity for B2B digital attacker brands

Martina Klingvall, Founder & CEO, Telness Group


12:07-12:22 Fireside Chat: Generative AI at the Edge: Unlocking its Potential with Private 5G & Edge

Mark Bidinger, President, Schneider Electric


Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP, NTT

The integration of Private 5G technology and Edge Computing has emerged as a catalyst for transforming industries across the globe. The arrival of Gen AI, Machine Vision and Robotics are driving the next wave of innovation and ongoing digital transformation across manufacturing.

Private Networks and Edge AI are a cornerstone of this transformation and are empowering organizations to unleash the potential with its dedicated, secure, and high-speed wireless connectivity, and previously unimagined use cases are now becoming a reality. 

However, the path isn’t without overcoming significant barriers exist and the early adoption is primarily limited to innovative leaders. Join this fireside chat to hear from thought leaders and industry experts as they explore the dynamics, challenges, and opportunities of private networks and discover how Private 5G Networks can accelerate your company’s transformation to this new era of computing.

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