Industry City

FinTech Summit: Unlocking the Power of Fintech Innovation


Thu, Sep 28: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm PDT



Industry City Stage – Exhibition Hall Booth 310


Session Description

The power of fintech innovation is unlocking new opportunities such as Cloud and AI platform models driven by API’s and regulations fuelling competition by reducing market entry costs and enabling innovative fintech propositions to launch and scale rapidly. As Blockchain technology enables the rapid development of new fintech solutions, interest in wholesale solutions also gathers pace as pilots are launched.

With exciting times ahead, more than 100 central banks exploring CBDCs (IMF), Web 3.0 and the exploration of NFTs, such as Starbucks Odyssey and gaming drive forward, ESG and climate sustainability are key areas of focus - there is real momentum within the innovation space for the fintech ecosystem and consumers.

This session will explore how mobile is at the heart of this innovation surge and how leaders are driving innovation, creating new solutions and quickly capturing value from the market opportunities they see.

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