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FiGHT™ for 5G


Thu, 29 Sep: 14:00 - 15:00 PDT

Open to All


Level 2, W222, WEST HALL

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As the 5G community seeks to understand and address increasing cyber threats to 5G networks, FiGHT™ has arrived to help. By arming the 5G community with knowledge of how adversaries disrupt networks, FiGHT™ deters threats while also enabling development and deployment of secure and resilient 5G systems.


MITRE invites you to be among the first members of the new FiGHT™ framework community. Get in on the ground floor by joining us on Thursday September 29th, for an engaging conversation and overview of FiGHT™ with industry, government and non-profit experts.



Dr. Charles Clancy, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Chief Futurist, MITRE

Andrew Thiessen, Head of 5G/xG, MITRE

Amanda Toman, Director of 5G Transition Office and CFT(Cross Functional Team), United States Department of Defense

Michaela Vanderveen, PhD, FiGHT Outcome Lead, MITRE

Scott Poretsky, M.Sc., CISSP, CCSP, Director of Security, MANA Network Product Solutions, Ericsson

Keith O’Brien, CTO – WW Service Provider, Palo Alto Networks


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