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6G Ambient IoT Opportunity: Antidote to Supply Chain & Climate Crises?


Thu, 29 Sep: 11:00 - 12:00 PDT

Open to All


Level 2, W233, WEST HALL

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6G is still being defined, but one thing is for sure, this new “Generation” will impact all our lives with the potential to address some of the world’s biggest challenges. While a lot has yet to be decided, it has been agreed that Massive IoT and Ambient IoT will be part of 6G. In this session, we help explain what these technologies are, the potentially “massive” market size, benefits, and applications. We review the early findings from some of the first ambient IoT deployments and recommendations on how to get ready for what is to come.


This session will include:

-  6G, Massive loT & Ambient loT

-  Market Size & Use Cases with ABI Research

-  Ambient loT Today

-  Ambient loT Strategy with Deloitte

-  Ambient loT & ESG

-  Q&A


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